Greetings Blogosphere! I am  thrilled to be back in front of a blank page. The blank page that is both inviting…so many ideas. And, at the same time, it is incredibly intimidating.

Last November when I was visiting a good a friend named Sara in London, she offered to let me read the unedited pages to a novel she is working on. She is an amazing fashion blogger and an extremely witty writer. She emailed me the first fourteen chapters, which I promised to read on the long flight home.

Well, it turns out that travelling with 4 children, 8 years old and under, from London to NYC is not exactly relaxing. Nor is it conducive to some light reading.

I promised myself I would read the pages when we were home and all settled in.

At Christmastime, I still had not read but a couple of chapters. “I will read all the chapters while we are in the Dominican Republic after Christmas,” I told myself.

Then, I forgot to print the pages for the trip to the DR. I felt terrible. Here it was over a month later and I had not said one word to her about her book. I knew that she had put a lot into her writing. And, being a writer myself, I knew that she had trusted me and opened herself up to criticism by sharing her pages with me. When we returned, I made sure to read a few more chapters and then emailed her with my apologies and some comments. Luckily, she was kind and understanding, as always.

As I sit here worrying that my writing will be criticized, I cannot help but think about Sara. I am also thinking about my children, who we always encourage as readers and writers. And, I know, that even though I am worried about being criticized or letting down readers, this is where I belong.

So, please forgive me as I find my voice again. It’s been a while.

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